Denture Adjustments

Our Experienced Dentists and Technicians to the Rescue

Did you know your mouth changes shape as you age? As your mouth’s bone structure and soft tissue change, the overall fit and comfort of your current dentures can change. Thankfully, dentures today have come a long way through advances in technology and fabrication. But if soreness and discomfort are keeping you from enjoying your dentures, let our experienced team help you out.

Contact your local practice to schedule an appointment for a denture adjustment. During your visit, the team will provide a thorough assessment to help find the best solution for your needs.

Denture being customized in the lab

Patient Questions Related to Denture Adjustments

I just received new dentures, why do I need an adjustment?

New dentures can take some time to get used to, which is why we provide an affordable approach to denture adjustments. For dentures fabricated at the practice you visited, adjustments are available at no charge during the first 60 days after your treatment. Afterward, adjustments are available for a nominal fee.

Why are my dentures hurting my mouth?

Full or partial dentures rest on your gums. They are specially crafted to fit the contours of your mouth to ensure a fit that feels as close to your nature teeth as possible. Over time, your dentures may end up sitting in high spots on you gum line. This causes dentures to rub against the mouth, gums, and surrounding soft tissue – unfortunately, resulting in discomfort and soreness.

How do you adjust my dentures?

Don’t let aching gums and mouth pain stop you from enjoying your new smile with dentures. Your local Affordable Dentures & Implants practice offers denture adjustments to continue to customize your denture for you. The team takes a patient-centric approach to care, and through our in-house Laboratory, the dentist and technician will work together to adjust your denture to your mouth as it changes.

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