What are the Different Types of Dentures?

Removable and Permanent Types of Dentures

When dealing with missing teeth, researching and evaluating denture options can sometimes be overwhelming. You will want to consider the denture costs as well as healing time for each type of denture when speaking with your dentist about which type will be right for you.

Full or partial dentures are a great option for those with missing teeth, gum problems or chewing inability as these are removable denture types. Alternatively, permanent dentures are a good fit for those seeking a solution that requires less maintenance. Make sure to ask your dentist if you may qualify for "one day dentures", also known as "same-day dentures",  that can be fabricated in our on-site lab while you wait. The following is a breakdown of common denture types as well as some insight into what solution might work best for your specific needs.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are removable teeth that rest on the gums of the upper and lower arch. They are secured to the gums with natural suction from saliva or with an oral adhesive. The fit of full dentures depends on a variety of factors, including the material used to craft the denture as well as the level of customization.

Full dentures are usually recommended for patients who are missing all or most of their teeth on the upper or lower half of their mouth, sometimes both. If you are unable to undergo a surgery for implants, full dentures may also be a good option for you.

For patients considering full dentures, it is important to note that all teeth must be extracted before the full dentures can be placed within the mouth. After the extraction procedure, patients may be given a set of “immediate dentures”, which will be a little more loose fitting, but are important as they protect the gums, promote healing and allow patients to continue eating and speaking normally. Once the gums have healed and swelling has receded, the custom full dentures can be set. Full dentures will then require proper maintenance, such as daily soaking and brushing, to prevent plaque buildup, stains, and odor.

An Affordable Dentures & Implants dentist can walk you through our line of full denture options at a consultation session. We provide a variety of full denture options so you can find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Partial Dentures

Like full dentures, partial dentures are a removable tooth replacement option. They are a cost-effective treatment for patients who are missing only a few teeth from their upper or lower arch.

Unlike full dentures, dental partials do not always require tooth extraction as they are crafted to fit into the gaps of missing teeth alongside remaining, healthy teeth. However, it is important to note that tooth extractions may be required if the rest of the teeth and gums are not in a healthy condition. An Affordable Dentures & Implants dentist can provide a robust treatment plan upon consultation and evaluation.

Permanent Dentures

For a lasting solution with less maintenance, consider opting into a more permanent tooth replacement solution. Permanent dentures, including implant supported dentures, are false teeth that are made to connect to surgically implanted screws or rods in the gums. They will be custom made for your mouth to provide the most natural look and feel of any denture. Similar to removable dentures, permanent dentures come in a variety of types.

Fixed vs. Snap-in Dentures

Fixed dentures are non-removable and are considered the most secure denture type on the market. You can treat these dentures like a brand new set of teeth without the hassle of oral adhesives or the fear of grip loss.

Snap-in or snap-on dentures are also considered a type of permanent denture as they are attached to implants in the gums. However, these dentures can be removed and snapped back in at will.

You can get permanent dentures for one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth as the implants are individual and can be placed anywhere. While this procedure does take more time and may require additional extractions and surgery before insertion of the implants, it is the most permanent and lasting solution to missing teeth and oral decay.

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