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Since 1975, millions of patients have trusted Affordable Dentures & Implants with their tooth replacement care – and dentures have been at the heart of what we do.

Carefully Crafted Dentures Locally Made for You

Our team has perfected over the last four decades the precise material and techniques necessary to create only the very best dentures for you. The quality of our materials combined with creating your dentures on-site in your local practice, provide you with a new smile at a price you can afford. Ask your dentist if your procedure may qualify you for same day dentures, leaving you with a brand new smile when you leave your appointment. For more information, contact your local office or schedule an appointment. 

Types of Dentures Offered

  1. Full Dentures

    - When you think of "dentures" you probably picture a full set of false teeth being tossed into a glass of water by an elderly movie character. Maybe you think of those wind-up teeth that chatter and slapstick their way across a table top. Both of these are accurate portrayals of full dentures. Full mouth dentures will replace all of the teeth in an upper or lower arch. They are an ideal solution for patients who are missing most of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw. 
  2. Partial Dentures

    - Essentially, partial dentures are acrylic, metal, or flexible retainers that have false teeth attached to them. Partial dentures are often prescribed to patients who are looking to replace one or a few teeth along one of their arches. 
  3. Real 3d Fit

    - 3D printed dentures are the newest and latest in denture technology. Through advanced dental modeling, one scan of your mouth can be 3D printed into completely custom Real 3D Fit dentures. Real 3D dentures offer the best fit, the first time.
  4. New Denture Wearer Package

    - The New Denture Wearer Packages is an all-inclusive and money saving denture package for patients making the transition to dentures for the very first time. The New Denture Wearer Package includes, your first set of temporary (healing) dentures, unlimited adjustments (up to one year after your final dentures are made), temporary relines, and delivery of your final dentures within six months to one year following your extractions. *PLEASE NOTE: Some practices provide only one denture with their New Denture Wearer Package. If your local practice provides one denture, be assured they will provide all other services needed to help you adjust to wearing dentures for the first time and to ensure a good fit. Please contact your local practice for details on their New Denture Wearer Package.
  5. Denture Implants (Snap-In)

    - When you get dental implants, you can choose to have permanent dentures or snap-on dentures secured to your implants. The simple difference is that snap-on dentures will be removeable, though you should keep them in as much as you can to keep the snaps from wearing out.

 Before/After Smile Transformation with a Happy Dentures Patient

Our Process

Our process allows patients to arrive at their local practice early in the morning to make impressions for their dentures, have any teeth extractions completed during the day, and receive temporary dentures by the end of the day. Following your temporary denture delivery, a series of adjustments are made and then you return to receive your final dentures. 

Same-day service may not be something you desire and your local practice will work with you to determine the best dentures and best timing to deliver the care that’s right for you.

If you are ready to smile again, our dental team offers high-quality dentures tailored to your needs. Schedule an appointment and find a denture practice near you to get started on your dental journey. 

FAQs About Dentures

What are premium dentures?

Premium dentures at Affordable Dentures & Implants are designed to closely resemble natural teeth. They are not only wear- and stain-resistant but also offer enhanced natural appeal. With additional customization options, you have the freedom to create dentures that achieve a more natural look, tailored to your personal preferences for comfort and style.

What are dentures?

Dentures are an artificial and removable set of false teeth that are created for patients suffering from tooth loss.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

  • Ease your stress and anxiety about smiling
  • Less diet restrictions
  • Speak more confidently
  • Keep facial muscles from sagging
  • Retain muscle tone in your face, jaw and neck
  • Live your life to the fullest!

How long will the procedure take?

It truly depends on what denture solution your doctor has chosen for your unique situation.

At Affordable Dentures and Implants, we can often have our patients heading home with a new set of dentures on the same day. If you choose to have custom fit dentures, or if you need extractions, the wait time may be longer.

Our custom 3D dentures take up to seven days to create and are the best fitting and most comfortable denture solution.

Will dentures change how I eat or speak?

Your new dentures can take a little bit of time to adjust to, but after a bit of time, you should be back to speaking and eating regularly.

How long do dentures last?

Longevity of your dentures is completely dependent on the type of denture you receive, and how well you take care of them. Short term, or “immediate dentures”, are only meant to last up to 8 weeks, but typically denture solutions can last from 5-10 years.

Please consult with one of our highly skilled dentists to decide which denture solution is going to be right for you.

Can you get dentures without going to a dentist?

Professional guidance is crucial for fitting dentures. At Affordable Dentures & Implants, we provide expert fittings to ensure comfort and functionality, helping you avoid the pitfalls of DIY approaches. Schedule a visit to discuss your options.

Can dentures be permanently glued in?

Dentures cannot be permanently glued in; however, dental implants can secure them firmly without the need for daily adhesives. This provides a secure, worry-free fit. Consider this stable alternative at Affordable Dentures & Implants.

What type of dentures are most natural looking?

Porcelain and implant-supported dentures offer the most natural appearance and the most natural function. Affordable Dentures & Implants specializes in creating custom, color matched models, ensuring the most seamless transition to dentures.

What is the most comfortable denture to wear?

Implant-supported dentures are the most comfortable denture due to their more permanent fit. Alternatively, flexible partial dentures offer a softer, adaptable option for those missing only a few teeth. Affordable Dentures & Implants can help find the most comfortable choice for you.

How much do the best dentures cost?

The cost of premium dentures, such as UltimateFit, which are customized for comfort and appearance, starts at around $2,000. This price can vary depending on additional dental services like extractions and the type of materials used. Contact your local Affordable Dentures & Implants office for detailed cost information.

What is the most expensive part of getting dentures?

The major costs in dentures typically come from high-quality materials and the customization process, ensuring a natural look and comfortable fit. Affordable Dentures & Implants offers competitive prices and expert care to provide the best value for your investment.

Can you sleep with dentures in?

It is not recommended to wear dentures overnight as this can cause damage to the dentures and lead to irritation or sores on your gums. This is especially important for individuals who grind or clench their teeth at night, which can fracture the denture teeth or alter the denture's shape, making it fit poorly. For detailed information, read our blog on sleeping with dentures.

What can you not eat with dentures?

When you are eating while wearing your dentures, stay away from sticky or hard foods like gum, sticky candy, nuts, pretzels, crackers, corn on the cob, and apples. Foods with small seeds, such as strawberries, should also be avoided. Additionally, well-done beef or any tough, stringy meats can pose challenges. Always chew slowly and carefully to prevent damage to your dentures, and consider using denture adhesives to prevent slipping or shifting while eating.

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