Full Dentures

Custom Made Full Dentures

We believe everyone deserves to love their smile. At Affordable Dentures & Implants, we want you to smile and live confidently every day!

We have the unique privilege of crafting your custom dentures in our on-site laboratories. Our highly skilled lab technicians are trained using the most high-tech instruments, techniques, and materials on the market to ensure that you will love your new dentures. This process allows us to offer each denture device at an affordable price and with a very quick turnaround time, with some patients taking their new dentures home on the same day.

Our dentists and clinical teams are committed to providing you with compassionate care with respect for your budget and your time.

Types of Full Dentures

We offer a variety of full denture devices – each developed with distinct features and advantages to meet your needs.

Economy Dentures


Economy dentures are our most affordable denture option for patients looking to fix their smile quickly and for a low price. These dentures will be custom made in our on-site laboratory with same-day service in most cases. These dentures do have limited color options and come with a 6-month warranty. 

EconomyPlus Dentures


This style of denture will be similar to our economy dentures, but will come with a preview of the dentures before they are finalized. This allows for more assurance that you’ll be getting exactly what you want. You can also get these dentures with same-day service in most cases and they come with a 1 year warranty.

Premium Dentures


Premium full dentures bear a strong resemblance to natural teeth, along with features like enhanced natural appeal and wear- and stain-resistance. And, the additional customization options give you the freedom to create teeth with a more natural look.

UltimateFit Dentures


This style of denture is crafted to comfortably fit the contours of your mouth for a snug fit that lasts all day. Our UltimateFit dentures are highly customizable and come with many different color options that you’ll be able to preview before finalizing your denture device. These dentures are made with lightweight, natural looking acrylic that is also stain and odor-resistant.

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Every day, our dentists and clinical teams witness the life transformation that occurs when a patient finds their smiles again. This is why we aim to ensure each patient is met with compassion, respect, and dignity in our offices, and why we are backed by the nation’s number one provider of dentures and denture services.. 

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What are full dentures?

Full dentures are an acrylic, removable device that is meant to replace a full arch, or “row”, of missing teeth.

How long does it take to make full dentures?

At Affordable Dentures & Implants, we can sometimes craft dentures as quickly as the same day of your initial appointment. Our most custom dentures can take up to seven days, compared to 6-8 weeks like most other practices.

Are complete dentures and full dentures the same thing?

Complete dentures is just another word for full dentures, they are the same type of denture.

How do full dentures work?

Full dentures are false teeth that are placed over the gums when all teeth in the arch are missing or removed. If you’ve had extractions, there will be necessary healing time before your full dentures can be placed in your mouth successfully. These dentures will be removable and come in various styles based on quality and how customizable they are.

How many teeth are in a full set of dentures?

Full dentures need 20 teeth to be considered functional, but may have up to 28 teeth if more support is necessary.

How long do full dentures last?

Full dentures can last from 8 weeks, up to 5-10 years, depending on what style you get and how well you take care of them.

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Your satisfaction means everything to us! We want you to not only walk out of our practice with a confident, new smile… we also want you to feel confident in the decision you make to trust us with your tooth replacement care. We look forward to serving you.