Flexible Partial Dentures

For patients who are not in need of implants or full dentures, Affordable Dentures & Implants offers a wide variety of partial denture solutions at the best prices. We can make almost all of these dentures in our on-site lab, which cuts down on the time it takes to create each denture and it allows us to bypass a third party lab in most cases. These third parties are often what will drive up the cost of dentures, so we are proud to pass these savings on to our patients.

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Flexible Partial Candidates

If you are missing one or several teeth in the same general area of your mouth, a flexible partial denture might be the right option for you. You can even get a partial denture for your front teeth that will still look and feel natural. The rest of your remaining teeth and gums must be in healthy condition to minimize the need for future relines and adjustments as your mouth changes.

Affordable Dentures & Implants offers flexible partial dentures for patients who want to spend less, but still have a denture with a comfortable fit that looks natural. This type of denture is made with soft, malleable, plastic that sits on top of the gums in the gaps of missing teeth. The false teeth are molded into the device for the most natural look, and the plastic is a pink color to mimic real gums.

You cannot add teeth to a flexible partial denture device, so it is important that you will not be losing any teeth in the near future. Our skilled team of denture dentists can help you decide which denture solution will work best for your unique situation.

Advantages of Flexible Partial Dentures

Some advantages of flexible partial dentures are that they are often lower in cost than metal or acrylic dentures. They are removable and offer a soft and comfortable fit that can be much easier to get used to than a metal partial denture or an acrylic partial denture.

This type of denture is long lasting, but will break down faster than a cast metal partial denture . These flexible partial devices are sometimes used as temporary denture devices while patients wait to be healed prior to a dental implant procedure.

Because our number one priority is patient satisfaction, all new dentures and partials made by Affordable Dentures & Implants come with a one year warranty which covers repairs if the new denture/partial breaks (under normal usage).

Be aware that repairs might not be possible with some flexible partial dentures, and they may require the replacement of the entire denture device.

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How do flexible partial dentures stay in place?

The flexible resin will fit around your remaining teeth with a secure grip.

Should I get flexible partial dentures?

Flexible partial dentures may be a good option for you if you are missing one or several teeth on your upper or lower arch (row). If you have thin gums or a small mouth, you may find this type of partial denture more comfortable than acrylics, as acrylic dentures are often heavier and more bulky. Flexible dentures are less expensive than metal or acrylic dentures, but may not be as long lasting or customizable. This is what also makes them a great option for patients looking for a temporary denture.

Can I eat with flexible partial dentures?

Absolutely. There will be an adjustment period when you should avoid eating food that is particularly sticky or hard to chew. Once you become more comfortable with your partial dentures, you’ll just need to take extra care when you’re eating all of your favorite foods so as not to damage the denture.

Can I sleep with flexible partial dentures?

While it is recommended that you give your gums a break at night, it is safe to wear these dentures overnight. Please make sure to implement all of the necessary cleaning and care procedures for your dentures as prescribed by your dentist.

How much do flexible partial dentures cost?

The cost of each denture is different depending on how many teeth need to be replaced, the size of the mouth, and the structure of the denture. We have a general cost breakdown here, but your dentist will go over each specific cost at your initial consultation.

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