Dental Extractions & Teeth Removal for Dentures

Find Relief with Tooth Extractions

Living with a bad tooth isn’t just uncomfortable or painful — it’s also detrimental to your oral health. As part of the overall tooth replacement solutions we offer, tooth extraction is an option our dentists may provide you. To ensure you have all the choices available to you, tooth extraction is only offered to our patients depending on age, the condition of the tooth in question, and previous restoration work.

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More About Tooth Extraction

What are extractions?

An extraction is a procedure that removes teeth from your mouth.

When does a tooth need to be extracted?

A tooth needs to be extracted when it becomes worn down by excessive decay. Not only does this decay cause pain and discomfort, but it can become infected, or spread infection to other teeth or parts of your mouth.

Why should I consider an extraction?

You may need an extraction if your tooth is decayed and causing pain. You may also need to extract a tooth or teeth in order to make room for dental implants, permanent dentures, or other installations. Or, in some cases when other restorative tooth procedures may be out of budget or less effective, our patients have found that the best solution for their needs is to consider an extraction instead.

How do dentists identify a tooth that needs extraction?

First, the dentist will conduct an in-depth evaluation, including x-rays and other images of your teeth. This evaluation will help inform your clinical needs, which includes your current health, medical conditions, and any medication you’re currently prescribed. If your tooth is beyond restorative care, the dentist will then determine if an extraction is necessary.

What is the tooth extraction procedure?

A simple extraction is an outpatient procedure that can be performed with local, general, or a combination of anesthesia. Some extractions — wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, broken teeth, or teeth still below the surface of the gum — may require a more involved surgical extraction.

What is the cost of tooth extractions?

Depending on the number of teeth extracted, the amount of anesthesia used, the complexity of your procedure, and other factors, the cost of tooth extraction will vary. Contact your local practice to get a personalized assessment.

Are tooth extractions covered by insurance?

Most tooth extractions are covered by most dental insurance providers. Depending on the type of extraction needed, your medical insurance provider may pay a portion of your bill as well.

Can my tooth be extracted same-day?

Same-day treatment is available at the discretion of your dentist under certain circumstances.

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