Our Services

We are so grateful for the millions of patients over the last four decades who’ve trusted us to restore their smiles, their confidence and their life. Our treatment plans are customized for you with services delivered in a safe, compassionate and judgement-free environment – at a price you can afford.


Our practices were founded on a Mission to expand patient access to high quality, affordable tooth replacement solutions – and dentures have been at the heart of what we do. You’ll love our dentures.

More patients each year – including new and experienced denture wearers and patients with one or more missing teeth – are choosing dental implants as the best solution for restoring their teeth, their smiles and their quality of life.

The presence of a tooth that has been worn down by excessive decay can spread infection to surrounding healthy tissue—which worsens the pain and discomfort. Our tooth extractions offer effective treatment that brings relief.

As a denture wearer, you know that caring for your dentures is an important part of your oral health. Our practices offer a variety of denture services – designed to ensure you are comfortable with your dentures and happy with your smile.

Every day, our clinical teams have the honor to help patients transform their lives through dental care. From crown solutions to general dentistry, our doctors provide a comprehensive treatment in a safe, compassionate and welcoming environment.

We’re on a mission to make tooth replacement affordable for everyone because we believe everyone deserves to love their smile.