SNAPSecure: Removable, Snap-In Dentures

Why SNAPSecure Dentures?

While traditional, removable dentures are a great way to get your smile back, they can often be a bit of a hassle for the wearer. As your mouth changes over time, they may become uncomfortable or fail to continue fitting in your mouth as they used to. To combat these common issues, people are turning to "SNAPSecure" snap-on dentures. Snap-in or "Snap-on" dentures are removable teeth that are secured to dental implants in the jaw. They are more secure than traditional dentures and can replace an entire arch of teeth in just one procedure.

Some people may shy away from this procedure because it requires surgery or because of the overall cost of the snap-in dentures. But at Affordable Dentures & Implants, we offer the best rates, we take several different types of insurance, and we can help you finance your new smile if necessary. We also use the least invasive techniques to ensure a quick procedure and minimal healing time.

Denture Implants & SNAPSecure Dentures

A denture implant or “dental implant” is a titanium post or rod that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Your denture device is then fastened to these implants as a “snap-on” style that remains secured to your jawbone until removed by you or your dentist. You can replace one tooth, several teeth, or an entire row with implants and implant supported snap-on dentures.

Our SNAPSecure dentures, also known as removable implant overdentures, offer you a more secure smile that will allow you to eat and speak normally again.  If you are interested in a permanent, fixed dental implant solution, our FIXEDSecure is a new financially accessible fixed solution that provides you with implant-secured teeth that you do not remove. In addition, we offer the All-In-One Solution, which is a traditional screw-retained fixed solution.

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Benefits of Removable, SNAPSecure Dentures

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability while speaking
  • Bone and gum preservation
  • Improved dental hygiene
  • Improve esthetics
  • Nutritional benefits from being able to eat more foods
Profile of a face with and without denture implants

Compare Dental Implants with Traditional Dentures


State-of-the-art tooth replacement. Implants are a long-lasting investment.

Replaces basic chewing function. Most affordable tooth replacement option in short-term.

Implants paired with a denture or single crown provide a proper fitting solution that maintains healthy bone.

Due to bone loss, dentures will need to be replaced periodically for a proper fit.

Preserves bone quantity and quality.
Bone quantity shrinks and integrity continues to degrade.

Provides firm support of facial structures (jaw, lips and cheeks) to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Facial structures decrease over time and can cause the medical issues associated with bone loss over time.

Functions like your own teeth so you can eat foods you like.

Dentures may float or move on the gums limiting the ability to eat some foods.

Strong and stable – keeps dentures securely in place.

Dentures may slip and move, especially on the lower jaw, creating sore spots in the mouth.

No need for denture creams or adhesives.
Denture creams or adhesives often needed.

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SNAPSecure Denture FAQs

Do I need SNAPSecure dentures?

A person who has lost one or more teeth due to injury, periodontal disease or decay may be a candidate for dental implants and snap-on dentures.  The traditional options for replacing teeth such as complete dentures or removable partial dentures can now be restored with implants.

If you are currently a denture wearer but find yourself wrestling with gum sores and sticky oral adhesives on a daily basis, it might be time to take the stress out of your dental routine. With implants and snap-on dentures, you won’t have to worry about your denture falling out, slipping, or looking unnatural in your mouth. This procedure is well tested and has resulted in thousands of happy patients who now spend their days showing off their new smiles.

Not everyone will qualify for snap-on dentures, so it is important to consult with your denture dentist about which procedure will work best for you.

Call today to schedule your initial consultation at your local Affordable Dentures & Implants office, and get started on your journey to your best smile yet.

Do SNAPSecure dentures help with bone preservation?

A tremendous advantage of implants is that of bone preservation.  Implants are used to replace the roots of the missing teeth. Without roots, the jawbone naturally resorbs (shrinks) as you age.  This is why a denture becomes loose and needs to be relined every couple of years and periodically remade.  Eventually, there may be so much bone shrinkage that it may become impossible to be refitted for dentures.  Where implants are placed, the jawbone will not resorb.  Implants not only maintain the height of bone but also help to preserve facial contours, which otherwise change with the loss of bone structure.

Can I eat with SNAPSecure dentures?

Chewing efficiency with upper and lower dentures is at best 20% of your natural teeth.  Thousands of our patients at Affordable Dentures & Implants who chose to have their dentures supported by implants and snap-on dentures, are now able to eat and chew foods more easily and more efficiently.  Patients also have a feeling of security because they know the dentures will stay in place while attached to implants, which adds to their feeling of self-confidence.

Are SNAPSecure dentures worth it?

From past patient experiences, our affordable dental implants, including SNAPSecure dentures, have a high degree of patient satisfaction. They restore proper function to a patient’s mouth where traditional treatments can fall short.

Many patients also say that their snap-on dentures are the most natural looking denture they have had.

How long do SNAPSecure dentures last?

Most snap-on dentures can last 10-15 years if they are well maintained. The snaps on the dentures tend to wear out faster if you are removing your dentures multiple times per day, so they may need to be replaced more often if you plan on taking your dentures out frequently.

How much do SNAPSecure dentures cost?

Each denture is different based on how many teeth it needs, the size of the denture, and the type of implant it is getting. Because of this, it is important to consult with your dentist to figure out what your total costs will be. You can get a general idea of the cost of implants and snap-on dentures at Affordable Dentures & Implants here, and feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have.

Can SNAPSecure dentures be done in one day?

Yes! In most cases, our skilled team at Affordable Dentures & Implants can get your snap-on dentures to you in one day. If you do not already have implants, you will need to schedule a procedure to have these in place before we can start crafting your snap-in dentures.

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