Multiple or Single Tooth Implants

When you are missing one or a few teeth and do not want removable or partial dentures, a dental implant may be a good option for you. At Affordable Dentures & Implants we can make sure that you receive the highest quality implants for the lowest price.

What is a Single-Tooth Implant?

When you just have one missing tooth in your arch, you can experience issues with your speech, eating, and may feel embarrassed by the gap in your teeth.

An implant procedure will surgically place a small titanium rod into your jaw bone that will act as a permanent replacement root to your tooth in your gums. You will then have an acrylic or resin tooth attached to this implant for the most secure and natural fit of any denture solution.

Multiple Tooth Implants

If you are missing more than one tooth, but do not need or want a full arch of implants or dentures, you can take advantage of a multiple tooth implant called a “cantilever bridge”. This means that one implant will be secured to two teeth. However, if these teeth are not directly next to each other, you will need a second implant.

You may also want to ask your dentist about a regular implant supported bridge. This is a permanent denture solution to multiple missing teeth that uses dental implants and a dental “bridge”. Multiple teeth will be stuck together and then secured onto the dental implants.

If you are missing many teeth on your arch or you have tooth decay in your surrounding teeth, you may want to consider our All-in-One Solution or Snap-On Dentures for an implant-secured smile.

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