Affordable Partial Dentures

Restore Your Smile with Partial Dentures 

If you are struggling with missing one or several teeth and are ready to give your smile a new look, consider our partial denture solution. Partial dentures are a cost effective alternative to surgical implants, and you may be able to receive your dentures in a day rather than 2-3 months like most competing brands. We utilize an on-site denture fabrication lab that allows us to create your dentures or partial dentures while you wait.

If you have one or more gaps in your smile, but the rest of your teeth and mouth are healthy, you will likely qualify for and benefit from partial dentures.

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Types of Partial Dentures 

Cast Metal Partial Denture

The cast metal partial denture is our best partial denture device because it is strong and less bulky, fitting better and more snugly in the mouths of our patients.

The cast metal partial is fabricated using a metal framework to which the on-site laboratory will attach high grade, false, denture teeth. Because the metal piece of these dentures is made in a third party laboratory, we must disclose that they may take 2-3 weeks before they are finished and ready to be delivered to the patient.

Flexible Partial Dentures

The flexible partial denture option is created with more malleable and soft material that makes the denture fit well and feel natural. This material is the same color as the gums so it will also look like normal gums and teeth when you open your mouth or smile. This denture is also removable and can be constructed in one-day at participating practices.

Acrylic Partial Denture

The acrylic partial denture is our most affordable partial denture solution, and while it can feel more bulky than our other options, it will still leave you with a durable and natural look. The base of this denture will be pink like the inside of your mouth and it will attach to your other teeth and gums with a metal clasp. The acrylic partial denture is often available the same day.

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Every day, our dentists and clinical teams witness the life transformation that occurs when a patient finds their smiles again. This is why we aim to ensure each patient is met with compassion, respect, and dignity in our offices, and why we are backed by the nation’s number one provider of affordable denture solutions. Contact your local office for more personalized information on what your lowest cost of partial dentures could be.

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Partial Denture FAQs

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable devices attached to false teeth that are meant to replace missing teeth. These are a good option for people who may be missing one or several teeth on their upper or lower arch, but do not yet want a full denture. This is a non-surgical procedure, although tooth extractions may be necessary. It is also important to note that the surrounding teeth and mouth must be healthy to qualify for this procedure.

Can partial dentures be made in one day?

Yes! Some of our partial denture solutions can be made in one day. Consult with your doctor to see which type of partial denture will work best for you.

Can you sleep with partial dentures?

While you are able to sleep with partial dentures, it is often recommended that they are removed to soak overnight to keep them in the best shape. Dentures that are left out and not soaked may become brittle and warped over time. You may ask your doctor what specific care instructions will be included with your partial dentures.

Can you eat with partial dentures?

Absolutely! You may eat with your partial dentures, but be aware that there may be an adjustment period when you first start wearing them. Sticky or especially tough foods can wear down your dentures over time and potentially cause sores or a loose fit of the denture.

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