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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Judy Maes
Highly recommended and wish I would have done it years ago!! The entire staff was so helpful and made my experience pure heaven!!! And my daughter had so much fun digitally recording my experience AFTER I'd left following the surgery. I didn't remember anything!!!
Shaun Pfuhl
Had nothing but good things to say about the staff here! My wife and I came in and felt so comfortable that we decided to go for it and had a appointment made and got the perfect fit implants with in 3 weeks of my first visit. All the staff there makes you feel safe and comfortable. It can be embarrassing to have dental issues and hard to show people but everyone was so nice and caring! They really changed things for me and my family and did such a good job I’m seriously pain free 3 days after my surgery! I can’t recommend this place enough!
I will have to say my previous experience with other dentists/denturests have not been good ones and to top it I'm a difficult patient to say the least. But Dr. Killpack hung in there and now I can eat salads and other vegetables. Thank you so much for taking great care of me
Erika Arnold
My favorite denturist assistant is back 😍, only Mondays, but she is the Best!!
Lisa Miller
Im a 56 yr old female and Was missing many bottom teeth, needed a tooth pulled,, and needed a new partial. Patty in the wilsonville office referred me to Vancouver office and I just have to say that 574.00 later I have a full set of bottom teeth! Mindy my hygenist was the best ever. I was scared but she reassured me it would be OK and offered to hold my hand. Dr Marlo Bulza was my doctor and with the gentlest hands and it only hurt a second when I got the shot. He quickly pulled my tooth and I was fitted with my new teeth! I've been struggling with dental issues and haven't taken the best care of my teeth but wanted to keep my remaining teeth. Dr Bulz aided in this process and I am just so happy and satisfied with their same day service on partials. I highly recommend those who need dental help to contact Vancouver affordable dentures and partials. Their great!:..-
Keith Mazini
I was very pleased with the results. Kenneth Killpack, DDS and the staff are very friendly.
Teresa Zon
Dr. Killpack & his staff are amazing. I had the best dental experience I've ever had in my life. I suffer from dental trauma from a bad experience 20years ago. That trauma created terrible anxiety & fear that contributed to my teeth to going bad cause I couldn't brave getting in a dentist chair. I wouldn't have a healthy mouth & beautiful smile without the help of this place & I'm so grateful to them. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from real dental trauma, fear & anxiety to go here.
Barbara Varner
When I went to get my dentures relined the lady did not communicate the correct information to the lady that was making the changes in my denture however it seems to have worked itself out I might need a small adjustment but other than that I think they are fine
James Dean Lucas Sr
Kenneth Killpack, DDS is super professional and fun to talk with. He is a tell it as it is person and I love that in people because im that way. About 1 yr ago my upper teeth were bad, he suggested to get them fixed by my dentist, i decided to go with dentures, some of my friends have them and suggested i do. I HATED my dentures, it wasnt the good Drs. FAULT it was the comfort of having them in my mouth. Yesterday i got implants and here it is 14 hrs later, im drinking coffee, talking better, because dentures didnt allow me to talk like i normally do, and i LOVE my new teeth. Thank you Kenneth Killpack, DDS and your staff at your office is awesome. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Dr, his staff and his office :) 5 star rating in my book :)
Marty Fleming
I am very pleased with my experience at affordable dentures. Everyone who worked with me and my unusual situation were so friendly, pleasant and understanding.

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