What Are Dentures Made Of?

Modern dentures are made of a few different materials but are most commonly made from plastic, specifically acrylic resin, and designed to maximize your comfort while restoring your ability to eat, talk, and smile. While the denture base and teeth look different, the materials used for both is very similar and it aids in the bonding of the teeth to the base for a stronger, long-lasting denture. Dentures can also be made from porcelain, composite resin, nylon or metal. The differences in these materials can influence your overall experience, so it’s important to understand the differences in materials when making your choice.

Types of Denture Materials

In general, when dentists talk about denture materials, they’re referring to the gumline material, which is the material that touches your mouth. This area has the largest impact on your comfort since it makes direct contact with your natural gums.

  1. Acrylic dentures refer to any denture made from any semi-rigid, specialized plastic, resin, or polymer. They’re likely the material you picture when you think of an average pair of dentures. The firmer plastic helps create additional force for your bite. This helps your dentures operate like natural teeth.
  2. Cast metal dentures use metal wire, like retainers, to attach behind your gums rather than sit on top. This type of denture is more common in partial dentures, since the metal wires can clip onto existing natural teeth like a retainer. They still feature some plastic or nylon, which helps create a gumline for your denture teeth for a more naturalistic appearance.
  3. Flexible dentures are made from a more pliable, flexible plastic or nylon — hence the name. These tend to feel “bouncier” than the harder acrylic, so they can be more comfortable especially for people with sensitive gums. Flexible dentures also have the benefit of looking more natural, since they mimic the texture of your natural gums a bit better than acrylic dentures.

What Are Denture Teeth Made Of?

The teeth in dentures these days are commonly made with either a plastic polymer or porcelain.

Porcelain teeth look more natural and are highly durable. They are a great option when looking for dentures for seniors because they won't require as many repair appointments as you may have with acrylic teeth.

Polymer teeth are less expensive and are functionally stronger than porcelain, but slightly less durable. However, polymer teeth are easily removed and adjusted within your dentures, so you’re less likely to need to replace your dentures if you require a more serious repair.

The lifespan of denture teeth can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of materials, daily care, and the wearer's oral health habits. Typically, denture teeth can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more with proper maintenance and regular check-ups.

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