5 Signs You May Need Replacement Dentures

Dentures, whether partial or full, are a great way to restore your smile and confidence after tooth loss. However, even with proper care, the highest quality dentures will still need adjustments — or even a full-on replacement — over time. Whether you’re wondering how long your new partial or full dentures will last, or if you have symptoms that might have you asking “how long do dentures last,” read on to learn everything you need to know about replacement dentures.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace a Denture

1. They are Loose or Falling Out

Properly-fitted dentures should always fit snugly while you chew and speak. If they feel loose, or even fall out, while doing day-to-day activities, it’s definitely time for an adjustment — or replacement.

2. You Have Difficulty Eating or Talking

Even if your dentures aren’t palpably loose or falling out, if you notice that your speech or eating becomes challenging when you have them in, you may need to have them evaluated and adjusted or replaced.

3. They are Uncomfortable or Painful

While wearing dentures may take some getting used to, your dental professional will work with you to ensure your first set of dentures fit comfortably and correctly from the first wear. They should not cause discomfort, pain, or damage to your gums or mouth, so if you notice any new discomfort or irritation, contact your dental professional right away.

4. They are Discolored or Damaged

Over time, some natural wear and tear on your dentures is normal — just like on real teeth. However, excessive discoloration, chips, cracks, or missing teeth in your dentures are a major sign that you may need denture replacements.

5. It’s Been a While

Because everyone’s bite, dietary habits, and bodies are different, there’s no hard timeline for denture replacements. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to plan for a full replacement every five to seven years, but it may be more or less depending on your lifestyle and the quality of your existing denture. An evaluation with your dental professional every two to four years to assess how your dentures are wearing may also help determine how often your dentures need to be replaced.

Denture Replacement Cost & Procedure

Denture replacements are fitted much like your first pair of dentures, so there shouldn’t be any surprises! Based on how they’re currently fitting (or rather, not fitting), you may just need an adjustment to your existing dentures. If you do in fact need a replacement, your dentist may recommend updating your dentures to a higher quality model or just getting a new set of the dentures you already have. Depending on if you have full dentures, partial dentures, or a combination, your dentist may also recommend a total replacement, or just a replacement of the affected denture.

If you’ve had multiple replacement dentures, or if you find that, over time, your dentures just aren’t working out, it might be time to consider replacing your dentures with dental implants. We’ve listed out the pros and cons of dentures vs dental implants here, but make sure to talk to your dentist as well.

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