Should You Keep Your Dentures in Water Overnight?

Whether you're a partial dental denture or full denture user, it is recommended to soak most dentures in water or a denture cleanser overnight to help reduce staining and bacteria, and to avoid warping of the denture. If dentures are not kept moist, they can lose their shape over time, leading to gum sores or discomfort. You can safely keep dentures in water for up to 12 hours.

Can I Just Sleep With My Dentures In?

It is not recommended that you sleep with a removable denture in. Wearing your denture while sleeping may cause serious sores in your mouth, increase the rate of bone loss and prevent your gums from getting the rest it needs from the pressure of the denture. However, if you have dental implant secured dentures, your dentist MAY allow you to keep them in while you sleep because they will not shift around in your mouth overnight. Always consult with your dentist to decide what course of action is right for you.

What Should I Soak My Dentures In?

Dentures can be safely soaked in tap or distilled water overnight. Most denture dentists will also recommend using a denture cleanser at least once a week to break down leftover bacteria that plain water may not remove.

Denture cleansers are usually effervescent solutions that works to get into the tiny cracks and crevices of a denture to reduce and eliminate bacteria that may cause infections if left untreated. 

These cleansers will not harm your denture as they are made to be gentle with all denture types and materials, including flexible dentures. However, you should always make sure to choose a dentist recommended brand.

Soaking Your Dentures Does Not Replace Brushing or Flossing

While soaking your dentures in water overnight will help with reducing bacteria on your denture, it does not replace brushing and other good oral hygiene habits. You should still use soft soap and a soft bristled brush to scrub your denture regularly when possible to maintain a shiny, white denture that looks and feels amazing.

You can find more tips on complete denture care here.

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