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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Laurie Fuller
They were wonderful!! Treated me so kind!! So helpful so that I will have my top dental plate this Wednesday!! Now I will be able to smile and feel better about myself and be able to smile when my son gets married next month!! So grateful for all of the girls at Affordable Dentures, they made the experience so great for me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!♥️
William Aull
Staff and the doctor were awesome, explained everything in detail answered all questions, I recommend them, your in great hands
Carol Chamberlain
My experience was very good people where very friendly and helpful I got dentures from them years ago and I would always go back I konw everyone would be pleased with this place
Alyssa Pall
UPDATED 7/30/2021 Yesterday was my extractions and let me tell you how ABSOLUTLY AMAZING THE STAFF WAS!!!! I'm Deathly afraid of novacaine needles as I've had so many problems with my Teeth over the years. Not only did both the nurse and dr. Put me at ease, but the nurse immediately grabbed my hand and let me squeeze and I know it sounds funny to say this but that made such a HUGE difference!!!! Once I was numbed up, they pulled everything sooooooooooo quickly !!!! The longest part was putting in the stitches lol 😆 This wasn't even the best part folks....... I purchased the ultimatefit denture package as a new denture wearer. After my extractions my Immediates were placed in my mouth. Words can not describe how AMAZING they were...... they were done sooooooooo perfectly !!!!!! As soon they handed me a mirror I just immediately started bawling my eyes out!!!!!!!! I haven't seen myself with nice teeth in years. And I finally have a smile back that I can actually be proud of !!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to forget this part either..... so the receptionist even insisted I make sure I go eat something quick before my extractions. And they legitimately WAITED FOR ME !!!!! WHO ELSE WOULD DO THIS ?!?!?!?!?! Noooo one!!!!!! I didn't eat since breakfast and this office is an hour and a half from my house.(we don't have one closer) but they legit let me grab a sandwich from the subway a couple doors down and then eat it before taking me back. SMH honestly couldn't believe that a place like this would be soooooo amazing as it turns out they've been. In the beginning if this process I made a review because of a receptionist I had to deal with over the phone.... I live an hour an half away from this office and I was 5 minutes away when I called them to let them know I would be 5 minutes late. I was informed that the dentist wasn't there and that they had called Me 3 days ago and rescheduled my appointment. I hadn't received any phone calls or voice-mail from this office at that time. But I strongly believe that this was due to just that 1 particular receptionist and so far everyone here has been nothing but ABSOLUTLY AMAZING TO ME !!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPPPPY I came here and I would honestly do this process all over again if I had to with these same people. Thank you Affordable Dentures!!! For allowing me to smile again and actually be proud and confident in myself again!!!!!!
csilla Garnier
This place saved me from a horrible infection that kept moving from teeth to teeth. Everyone in this office is the absolute best and Dr. Farrow-Williams is a God send. She was amazing at pulling the teeth and very quick. I will forever be greatful for Dr. Farrow-Williams for helping me.
Norval Hartley
Gary Winton
First visit. Dr. Was personable very detailed about options. Receptionist was very nice. Will recommend them to anyone considering dentures.
Timothy Shipwash
Everything about the people and the service provided are outstanding in everything they do
Ralph Yarnell
Like the service a lot but have found it difficult at times to schedule appointments. Almost all of my appointments had to be scheduled for days that I was off of work.
russell spencer

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!