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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Dennis Gillett
I went to Affordable Dental this week for the first time, The service was fantastic from the front desk ( Ashley) to the back of the room where the Dr and his staff who were all fantastic. going there for the first time was a good experience.
Damon C
My experience with Affordable denture’s has been excellent. I purchased the premium Denture it is an excellent fit. The staff are very friendly and take excellent care of me. I would definitely recommend Affordable denture’s and implants.
Susan Brand
--THIS 5 STAR REVIEW IS FOR A SPECIFIC OCCURRENCE. I am still learning about the company. --As you all know, dental work is insanely expensive and you don't always get a good job done, yet still owe the money. Often, you have to push the dentist to fix their mistakes. Some refuse. Miserable. Thus, you may find this long review worth reading: --On 04-29-24 I showed up as a new patient for a front tooth root extraction and implant. (A previous crown had snapped off at the gum line.) I was given a free exam and an incredibly advanced set of images were taken. The dental procedures were well explained and professionally done. --The appointment overall was a bit dragged out with some confusion afoot. They were aware of the problem and apologized, saying the office was new or had reopened as of 01-2024. (Clearly working the bugs out of their office systems.) --In the first step of their implant process, a mold was taken to be sent to a lab for a surgical guide to be made. An itemized estimate of the total cost was given to me. ($3,494.00, all out of pocket.) I was told it would be ready in 2 weeks or less, whereupon they would schedule the procedure. (My standard dentist quoted me $4,772.22 out of pocket, after insurance, for the same job.) --In 2 weeks, on 05-I3-24, I called to discover there was a snafu. (I hadn't heard from anyone.) They told me that Corporate wanted Springfield to wait so that patients would get the advantage of the new, improved machine (due to be in service in 3 weeks or so) to make the surgical guide. --The upshot was that the [previously] normal advice they gave patients was now [temporarily] wrong. Someone didn't get the memo. This is likely a challenge for the business model of the main corporation, the various labs, and the franchise together. -- It would now be a total 5-6 week wait for the guide. At that point an implant can then be placed. ---- THEN, A SURPRISE a couple days later. Ashley, a coordinator, called me. Dera Lynn, a particularly competent dental assistant with a high amount of insight, knowledge, and humanity, had arranged a for a complimentary "Flipper", (a retainer with a tooth on it that snaps into place) to be made for me. Dera Lynn's act of empathy for my humiliating, dysfunctional, and isolating situation, (and I suppose too, as a recompense for the delay) was outstanding. It also shows you that this franchise has equitable policies, perhaps made possible due to the corporate franchise rules. (?) --They did this on their own without a word from me. How refreshing. How appreciated. --In this day and age, how often do you see old-fashioned, moral, virtue-based-behaviors on the part of the whole office and especially Dera Lynn? Honesty, sincere-endeavor, kindness, caring, fairness, responsibility, friendliness, competence. It makes me trust them and willing to work with them as their office evolves. (Any medical office requires herculean organization.) --On 05-16-24 I received the complimentary "Flipper". (Normally $400.00 to $500.00.) It doesn't hurt and it makes it possible to be in my home and in public, smiling again while I wait. I am thrilled and thankful. To be sincerely cared for and respected with compassion feels wonderful. GOING FORWARD Implants and Dentures are their specialty and all that they do. It should be good. If the final implant works well and looks up to par, I will be an avid fan of this company. In a year or so, they should have their systems fixed. That would make Affordable Dentures and Implants a great resource at a significant financial savings for this kind of work. I will update this review then.
kori tafoya
I was just there for a consultation. I found everyone very kind.
Caroline King
I took my father in to see Dr. Schwandt after being disappointed with another denture company. Both him & Dera Lynn were wonderful in listening to his needs and troubleshooting his denture fitting issue. We left with a Much cheaper fix than the other company wanted to charge us. They were friendly, caring and weren’t looking to do unnecessary procedures. I definitely recommend them.
Paulette Bartley
Very kind, considerate and caring with our 99 year old mother. Did what was best for her and not what gave them the most money. An honest and caring group of people! You can’t go wrong going there if you need dentures! Very Fast!
Katherine Rather
Affordable Dentures is the real deal.. Dr. Bruce Schwandt is awesome, he takes care of your dental needs, his staff is so nice and helpful. Don't put off your smile anymore, go see Dr. Schwandt today and have your beautiful smile again.
Greg Valentine
Dr. Bruce is consistent and thorough, extremely friendly. His office staff is extraordinary at all that they do. thank you, Ashley and Kelly for always making me feel welcome.
Britt Chirrick
They are taking their time and doing my dentures right!
lalabinks78 nunya
Great people, Great smiles!!

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!