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Every day, we see the positive life transformation that happens for our patients as we help them get their smile back.

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Meet Your Cincinnati Dental Team

Sherry Senters

DMD, FICOI, FAAIP, General Dentist
Sherry Senters, DMD, FICOI, FAAIP is a general dentist and the practice owner of this Affordable Dentures & Implants-affiliated practice in Cincinnati. Dr. Senters earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. She completed her General Practice ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make an appointment? arrow


Call (513) 351-2720 or schedule an appointment online now.

Q: What can I expect as a new patient? arrow


During your first visit, our staff will take an x-ray and Dr. Senters will perform a comprehensive, clinical exam of your mouth.  Following the comprehensive exam, our team will explain the treatment options recommended by the doctor and guide you through the process of your recommended treatment.

Q: When should I arrive for my appointment and what should I bring? arrow


We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time; this gives you time to complete paperwork and for our Insurance Coordinator to identify your potential dental insurance benefits available to you. Please come prepared with your insurance card and your photo ID.  It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits.  We do a complimentary basic breakdown of your benefits at your first appointment.

In addition, we ask that you do not wear any jewelry; we will be taking x-rays and jewelry can interfere with the image.

Q: What if I am late for my appointment? arrow


If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will be rescheduled unless there is another cancellation that we are able to replace with you.

Q: How can I pay for my service? When should I pay for my service? arrow


Following your treatment plan review, if you choose to move forward with your treatment plan, we will collect payment in full at the time of services.  Our practice accepts credit cards and we also have financing options available. Please see our Pricing & Fees page to find out more about your specific dental care needs and potential costs. You can also visit our Payment Options page to learn more about Financing and Payment from Third-Party Care Providers.

Q: What if I have existing dentures and would like new dentures? arrow


If we are making new dentures for you, we ask that you please bring your existing dentures to your appointment. Why is this important? By reviewing your existing dentures, this gives our Lab technician an opportunity to see what you like or dislike with your current dentures. Your current dentures can be used as a custom impression tray to provide the Lab team with the best impression to fabricate your new denture. 

IMPORTANT: Please remove any adhesive from your dentures and mouth prior to bringing the dentures to your appointment. In addition, plan to be without your existing dentures for most of the day while our Lab team uses them to fabricate your new dentures.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend at your practice for my appointment if I am receiving new dentures? arrow


If you choose to move forward with treatment, we will take your impressions.  If you have existing dentures, we like to use them as a custom impression tray.  DO NOT have any adhesive in your dentures and make sure they are clean.  Adhesive interferes with the setup of the impression material.

Please plan to expect to wait approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour either after our Lab takes the impression for your new dentures. We ask that you do not leave our practice during the time; it is important for you to be in our lobby (or in your vehicle if it is safe) in case our Lab team would like to see you for further impressions. If you leave, this will delay the process.  

After your impressions process is complete, you will be given an appointment to return for your wax try in.  During the wax try in appointment, you will get to preview the dentures to make sure you like the appearance; if you approve, you will sign off and the dentures/partials will be completed. 

Following your wax try in appointment, you will be given another appointment to return for final delivery of your new dentures (this is an exciting day!) and warranty review which will be any day after 2pm.

Q: What can I expect during my denture reline appointment? arrow


Our denture relines are scheduled at 7:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. We ask that you do not wear adhesive in your denture(s); it interferes with the setting of the impression material and could results in a failed impression. Plan to be at our practice for most of the day; you will be scheduled back the same afternoon for final delivery of your relined dentures.

Q: What can I expect as a first-time denture wearer? arrow


If you are suffering from tooth pain or discomfort, the dentist will likely take an X-ray of your mouth. After reviewing the X-ray, the dentist will consult with you regarding a recommended course of treatment. You may require tooth extractions before the placement of a new denture. For the sake of appearance following extractions, most people want a temporary denture, called an Immediate Denture. Your immediate denture not only helps you feel more comfortable with your appearance, but also helps in the healing process of your gums. We encourage you to wear your new denture immediately after extractions to control bleeding and minimize discomfort as the swelling subsides. When you have had extractions, remember that the healing process takes time– often at least six months, and sometimes more. Each person’s physical health and oral conditions are unique, and the healing process will vary from patient to patient. During healing, it is common for the gum tissue to change and shrink. These changes often result in space between the gum tissue and the denture. The immediate denture may not fit as well as when it was first inserted. You may need a reline and/or a new denture following the shrinkage of your gums, for which standard fees will be charged. The New Denture Wearer Package is available for first-time denture wearers and offers a significant savings. For one package payment, you will receive an immediate denture, a final denture and all the other services needed to help you adjust to wearing dentures for the first time. Your practice staff will be glad to explain the details of the package and the related savings that you will enjoy.

Q: What are dental implants? arrow


Dental implants are titanium posts that can be inserted into your jawbone. They act much like the roots of your natural teeth and can secure and stabilize a single crown, a bridge or a full arch denture or higher-end restoration.

Q: How much will my dental care cost me? arrow


Fees vary based on service and product. Please see our Pricing & Fees page to find out more about your specific dental care needs and potential costs. You can also visit our Payment Options page to learn more about Financing options available.

Q: Do you provide tooth extractions and other services? arrow


Yes, the practice performs extractions on a same-day basis, in most cases. Your health conditions, any medications you may be currently taking, and the complexity of the extraction may affect this service. The dentist will gladly discuss circumstances that may affect the availability of extractions on a same-day basis. Please call (513) 351-2720 to learn more about our other general dentistry services.

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Every day, we witness the life changing transformation that a new smile brings to our patients. We care deeply for our patients and we are committed to helping you find the right solution at the right price, delivered to you at the right time when you need it. We are here for you every step of the way.

Patient Reviews
Excellent dentist and staff
Peggy Hughes
I was in need of some rapid attention and within 24 hrs of calling, and even tho they were super busy, they got my repair made and more. I believe it was a great price for the service I received. Also, the attitude there was upbeat and I appreciated that. Refreshing.
Christopher Bales
I just wanted to say that the customer service was amazing the staff was so people friendly I felt very comfortable they insured the quality of their service and their products and I would refer affordable dentures to anyone come see their services look him up on the website they have a great plan that you can pick yourself and make sure that you leave with a beautiful smile thank you Kelly
Kellie Bennett
Affordable dentures and implants in Norwood is thee place to go, if in need of any dental services this is the only choice. Not only are the women beautiful, they accommodate to every need dentally and as human beings, helping me with use of the office phone to try and locate my lost one. The office is immaculately clean and spacious with wait times varying, although im usually in and out.
gohst jones
Jamie and Nicki at the front desk are super sweet and answer all of your questions. The girls in the back and the doctor take excellent care of you as well . Surgery was pain free. Including extractions and bone grafting. My fears of the dentist went away after going here. Recovery wasn't bad either.
Christina Creighton
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