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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Maria Rodriguez
I love that place all the staff its friendly
Sidney Small
Like the people like the service
Michele Mercedes D
This was 3rd denture establishment I visited. The first two were nightmares. Not interested in the patients at all. AFFORDABLE DENTURES Is THE BEST. The staff is super friendly and make you feel very comfortable! My first visit was November 2022. The process of getting extractions and the final denture could take up to a year. My temporary denture was placed in my mouth following the teeth removal. I was never without teeth. The temporary set looked good but my final set is beautiful! Over the year had a few issues which I was upset about. Heather, who answers the phone usually, always helped me out with a more than satisfactory conclusion.! Dr Brian if you see this DO NOT EVER LET HER GO! Ever! Heather is the glue that keeps it together and she has worn many hats over the past year!
Bryan Cozort
I had my extractions and immediate Dentures fitted on 10-3-23. Everything has gone to plan so far. It's about a day post op and the soreness and pain has been minimal . The Doc and his assistant did a fine job and I felt perfectly comfortable. Any questions I had were answered well. I'll update as my treatment progresses but so far all is well and I look great and have my confidence back!
Melvin Dailey
Great experience wonderful workers
Susan Slansky
Had a tooth in the front of my upper denture break off when I was eating dinner. I called the office the next morning and they told me that they should be able to fix the denture before the end of the day. They had it fixed by 11:30am. I am extremely happy with their service.
Shawn Wilson
The team has been very professional and responsive. When I had a problem, they worked to fit me into the schedule and fixed the issue. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.
Bernard Gray
Been utilizing this location since December 2022, they are very friendly and convenient to get too. The staff is absolutely top notch. Cater to my needs and requests with my dentures to satisfaction.
Eric Ortiz
Had trouble with dentures fitting properly. Called to try to come in to fix problems but not able to get in untill my regular post open. One week later. Other then getting to see the Dr you are treated with respect and concern by their entire staff.
John Liggett
My experience with the Brook Park office has been extremely satisfactory and I highly recommend it. The extractions went well, the immediate dentures were adequate and functional, and my recently acquired permanent dentures are made to my order, attractive, well-fitting, and completely functional. I can now speak and eat anything I wish without adhesives. The office was attentive to my needs and nearly all the staff I delt with were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I particularly want to thank Heather and Skylar for their kindness and attention. Dr. Redditt is a very competent dentist with a pleasant persona. My only quip is that that at times he can seem to be a bit rushed. Hopefully the addition of a new associate, whose name I don’t remember but whose chairside manner is excellent will help alleviate this. That said, I personally did not care for the Dr’s assistant. I found her to be a bit overbearing, loud, and too familiar without the permission extended to be so. But that is me and others may find her to their liking. Perhaps my only complaint is that, like many Drs offices, appointment times are more suggestion than fact in that you will sometimes not be seen for ½ to 1 hour past the time suggested to arrive, so I’d suggest factoring that into your schedule. In closing I just want to say that having teeth removed and acquiring good dentures is a long journey. It is not without some pain, discomfort, and mental adjustment. There is some trial and error and there are adjustments to be made along the way. If you go into this with reasonable expectations and are kind to those who are trying to help you, have some patience, and yes, realize that it’s not all roses and sunshine throughout the process, in the end you’ll likely end up exactly where I am. Looking and feeling good and once again eating anything you want. That is exactly what I hoped for and exactly what I got from Affordable Dentures in Brook Park.

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!