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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Excellent dental skills from the team and first class treatment without the fancy office and crazy prices. Very happy with my implant
Misha Jones
The staff was really great and friendly. They put a plan together for your dental needs. I really enjoyed my experience with them. Plus they have really great plans to fit your needs.
Lois Parson
Nice respectful folks nice bed manners
Sandra Lathem
I had 7 implant post put in yesterday, I paid for seudation and was only sedated for part of it. After it was over I got down the road I realized that they had only gave me a prescription for Torradal to take for pain. I was really worried about hurting after having this done because I knew it was a lot to have done so I had ask the dentist before he started was he going to give me pain meds to control my pain and he assured me that he would give me pain meds to keep me comfortable. I had my daughter try to call back to the office but they had already forwarded their lines to an answering service so I told her to turn around and go back. I was hurting to bad to go home with nothing more than that for pain. We got back to the office my daughter went in to ask them about pain meds thinking it must have been a mistake but no it wasn't a mistake! They proceeded to tell my daughter that they can't give narcotic pain meds because of the DEA. My daughter got an attitude because she knew how bad I was hurting and they got the Dentist, Dr Boone and he told her that he would have to look me up on a website and make sure he could give pain meds! He also told her what an extensive procedure that I'd had he said major surgery! So why would he send me home with no real pain meds? Anyway he finally wrote me 14 pain pills! Why did I have to go through all that to get proper pain management after such a big procedure? I don't understand why any Dentist would do their patients that way? I'm paid over $12,000 and don't feel like they cared about me post op! Now I'm very nervous about how getting my dentures will be. Will they care if they are comfortable and fit me or will they just want to get me out of there since they already have my money?
Tragic Media
***Joseph and Jimmy are the best*** I came into affordable dentures for advice about tooth extractions and dentures. Long story short that was 2015. I have had several partial plates, and they were all amazing but they just was not for me from the economy to the cast metal, I’ve had it. My teeth means the world to me cause I love to talk and make people smile, but my self esteem was lower because of the extraction of my front four teeth. This STAFF, OMG... Words can’t explain how the ENTIRE staff has boosted my confidence. It’s almost like they hired ANGELS as dental assistants because everyone I’ve met has made me feel so proud of being toothless. In 2020 I decided to get dental implants. The process has been amazing, ** Dr Love **did a wonderful job of installing my crowd and covers. ***Lisa *** She is the very reason my cheek bones be sore every visit... She makes me laugh and smile and also makes me feel so important the way she talks to her staff about me been a loyal customer with pretty eyes and a loving heart... I honestly can talk all day about how satisfied I am with Affordable I’m not paid to write this, I am a real person, I just can’t believe how professional this place is.. Thanks Joseph and Jimmy, you guys are amazing!!!
Thomas Foster
Great Service. Went in early for x-ray and new patient consult, explained everything to me, they suggested implants for bottom dentures, but I didn’t have enough cash available, so we worked out an arrangement to where I could get everything they suggested. They took the impressions they needed to start making my temporary dentures, and told to return at 1PM to finish up. They got me in right on time (within 10 min) and explained what was going to happen , then they did the remaining extractions, drilled for the implants (thought she was drilling for gold 🤣) inserted the implants (guess you can call me ratchet jaw now as I didn’t know they use a Dental ratchet to screw them in 😁) All in All I was pleased with the results so far. I haven’t had this many teeth in my mouth in over 40 years so it’ll be an adjustment. I’m not going to fib, there is some getting used to the dentures, but after having the procedure done less than 24 hours ago, there was some minor jaw pain last night (from holding my mouth open for 3 1/2 hours and the drilling etc) but function today without taking anything for the pain, only the antibiotics and steroids to help in the healing. Dr. Pradhan was quite good in my opinion, and will be returning in 2 weeks for my follow up visit.. Good People here in Flowood , MS.
Debbie Graves
I had teeth that hurt every day. I have to pull 13 teeth and 3 cut out. I'm still healing so I know this pain is only temporary.
Bill Bennett
Great and caring staff. Would probably recommend that patients opt for general rather than local sedation.
Jimmy Gray
Took very good care of you once you are inside.
Rader's Corner
I have been going to Affordable Dentures for my complete dental work and for all my implant questions and needs. They have gone beyond customer care into treating me like family in the way they price my work and the warranty they provide for all their services the staff is beyond kind they were very gentle and showed great concern for any pain I was going through in having teeth pulled. Mr Jimmy up front has many times give me reduced pricing for my loyalty to Affordable Dentures which has been God send in these desperate times. Mr Jimmy as well as most of the staff is the number one reason I will continue to use their service and the fact they stand behind their work.

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!