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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Mike Hampton
Fast friendly and excellent service
JuicyBooty 803
The staff was awesome my dentist listened to everything I had to say he was very knowledgeable and straightforward the prices really are affordable and I was in and out within an hour
Gina Lathrop
Waited for my extraction appointment. After two different dentists from another location diagnosed a broken tooth. Pleasant staff directed me to yet another x ray. Surprisingly their report showed no fracture.DDS Matthew M Agnini took time to test for sensitivity & explained there was no need to pull a perfectly good tooth The entire staff were professional & friendly I left their office feeling like I had just been cared for as a real person not a number I highly recommend Affordable Dentures& implants of 😁Leesburg Fl
Marsha Nored
Very nice staff and they worked with the doctor and lab technicians to come up with a solution to fix my top dentures rather than get a whole new plate! Saved me $$$$. Thank you sooo much! Just wish I could afford the bottom plate…😢 but $1000.00 to pull the teeth is more than I can afford and then there is actual plate. So that will have to wait. But I appreciate the extra effort of everyone involved to make fixing my top plate affordable for me as I live on SSDI!
Cristina “alexes cool life” Lugo
The staff here are so amazing and kind. They treated my son with the upmost respect which really eased my fears compared to other dentists that we have been.
Melissa Cole
I get bad anxiety about dental work because of past experiences but when the dentist said it wouldn't hurt he wasn't lying. Well other then the numbing part. 😆 Overall good experience and will recommend family and friends to the Leesburg, FL. location.
Laura Hannam
I have taken several weeks after completing my all-in-one procedure with Dr Matt at Affordable Dentures in late May 2022. I rarely post reviews so wanted to make sure that I was 100% satisfied before doing so. First, let me be completely open. This procedure is in no one’s books, inexpensive. They do not take dental insurance. Which would be inconsequential at any rate. They do have two really good loan options, so these can still be affordable if you have good credit. That is the last less than positive thing I will say. I used the loan option and it was truly the best money I can remember spending in a long time. You see, I have spent my entire life in a cycle of cleanings, finding cavities, filling cavities, root canal teeth a few years later, and then finally pull them. I used to joke that my last five dentists got a new BMW every year just off of me. About four years ago, I finally gave in. I had what remaining teeth I had pulled out and went the full denture route. It was worst 4 years of my life. I no longer had pain … but I could no longer eat many of the foods I loved. And every time I tried to carry on a conversation I would get so embarrassed when my dentures slipped. I felt very old! Last December I’d had enough. I reached out to Affordable dentures and had a consultation with Dr. Matt. He was completely open and honest about the options available to me and what each entailed. I opted for the all-in-one as the thought of having teeth in my mouth similar to what I haven’t had since my teenage years, was too good to pass up on. Dr. Matt’s office scheduled me pretty quickly. Inserted five implants. And I walked out the same day with a temporary set of fixed dentures. I couldn’t stop smiling. I had teeth again. And, I had teeth that didn’t hurt and never slipped. Over the next six months I had several check ups and re-linings to make sure everything was healing as it should. Finally in late May my permanent set of teeth were ready to be installed. I didn’t go for super white …. I went for natural white. I wanted to get back my self-esteem not run for office ;-) After they swapped my temporary for the permanent, I was so excited I actually hugged Dr. Matt. Not my usual personality, but he gave me back something I lost along time ago …. My smile. It’s now been six weeks since that final appointment. I can eat EVERYTHING that people with a full head of natural teeth can. Nothing slips, nothing hurts, all shame is gone. Thanks, Dr. Matt you made a huge difference in my life!
A.J. Fritscher
Affordable, Credible, and Dependable The whole experience was great. I was looking for a replacement upper denture, from my broken denture that was 4yrs old. From start to finish it was a great process. Always felt comfortable and confident they were there to help. It took about 5 visit, over the course of a month (your experience may vary) to get it ultimately fitting right, but I am ultimately happy (cause I got the UltimateFit with the overall end results and that all adjustments and appointments were able to be completed in a timely manner with care and concern for my needs. And considering the state of the world these days that's a blessing in itself, but I digress Dr. Matt and his entire team will work with you, just remember to have patience and understanding that these things take time to make right. No 2 mouths are the same. And not all things are magically fixable right away. You may have an adjustment and everything seems fine, till you go home and eat something, then you're like "ouch, these hurt" or "they keep coming loose, they didn't fix anything", have patience and give them a call, take whatever appointment is available without grief. Yes I know we all want to be special and get our problems fixed first, but there are many other patient's and only so many good quality prosthodontist out there. They are willing to help you if you're willing to be reasonable and understand that these things are not always going to be overnight perfect. There is some level of adjusting on both the patients part and on the actual piece. Amber, at reception, is wonderful and Tia and Carmelita (spell check) were always delightful and helpful with my adjustments. I will definitely be returning to them to get a lower partial done in the very near future. Thanks Affordable Dentures and thank you, Dr. Matt Agnini
Sandra Silcox
The young ladies at the reception desk are very nice and efficient! The entire experience by far better than I’ve experienced in any dentist office. The doctor and his assistant were amazing!! I’d recommend Affordable Dentures to anyone! Overall very good experience!
thomas stuart
Dr. Matt has changed my life with hybrids. They have not only given me a great smile that everyone uses as a descriptive word to describe me. They've paid me back monetarily 10 fold in my career, and given me a great quality of life overall. Thanks Dr. Matt Your the best.

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