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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

Read what some of our customers have to say about us.

Jeremy Shaw
I have had such a long and difficult road with my horrible terrible rotten teeth, my 10-year-old daughter has never seen me smile, dentists have accused me of being a meth addict and all kinds of other embarrassing things, I really was frightened as to what lie ahead coming here but figured I had nothing to lose but when I did not expect was how warmly and respectfully I was treated. No one talked down to me or berated me for my poor dental health, instead he made sure I understood everything he could tell me about what I was getting into and within one week of my first appointment I had the procedure done all in one day I had my terrible rotten no good teeth removed and replaced with a beautiful set of dentures, all covered by Medi-Cal. If you're tired of struggling with your teeth and the constant pain that comes with bad teeth I highly recommend you pay them a visit!
Dr Belesko is wonderful and gentle. I got my extractions from him and also my dentures. I had my new dentures the day I got my extractions done.
Suzette Gunter
Go here first for quality dentures and excellent customer service! Dr. Belusko took the time to make sure my mom was 100 percent satisfied with her new dentures! Prices can’t be beat!!
Thomas Blanchard
Finally, after 20+ years of having upper denture replaced 3 times, these fit PERFECTLY ! Neither Dr. Belusko, nor his staff try to sell me anything. When asked, my question was answered. Smiling staff was knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. is an artist/dentist. Very affordable and highest quality.
Excellent. I had multiple extractions under general anesthesia and the front of house team were patient, kind and courteous even though at the beginning I was a tad nervous and demanding! They dealt with my issues in a great way and after nearly two years of trying to find a dentist they really went above and beyond. Dr. Beluska is friendly and good-humored and very honest. Highly recommended
Robert Collinsworth
I had always had good teeth. Unfortunately I was hit out of nowhere with a diagnosis of throat cancer. All of my teeth would need to be removed before radiation treatment. Neither the VA nor the military pays for dentures. Needless to say this was a traumatic point in my life. The Doc and staff were the best that could be asked for all questions were answered candidly and professionally. I couldn't ask for better treatment. My teeth were promptly fabricated and later adjusted so that I never once had to walk around "toothless". This treatment meant the world a vain and arrogant man such as myself. If you read this and feel so inclined, please lobby your congressman to provide dental and denture service to veterans and retirees. Though I am retired AND service connected, this was still out of my pocket expenses
Jillian Moseley
Amazing experience! Dr. Belusko and his team were so kind and definitely know their stuff! They were able to make recommendations when needed and made the entire process so smooth and pleasant. I brought my mother here to replace her upper denture and from the minute we walked in they were fast, organized and just so sweet! Everyone there seemed happy to work there and happy to help. My mother got her dentures same day as promised and it was one flat fee. I can’t recommend this place enough! Thank you Dr. Belusko and team!
nicole cordiale
Office staff and dr. very friendly, knowledgeable, funny. They did a great job with denture repair!
Chris Trout
The best
Debbie Wagoner
DR. BELUSKO BY FAR is the BEST DENTIST I have ever been to! His staff IS AWESOME as well. They took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel so comfortable with what I was going to have done. I have been putting off making this appt. as I had literally been having nightmares for a couple months now over this. My appt was at 1 30 today to get 3 extractions done so I could put my new lower denture in. I swear it took longer to get the numbing shots done than it did taking all 3 teeth out WITHOUT PAIN!! I was in my car by 2 15 to go home!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR BELUSKO AND STAFF!!! I will DEFINITELY recommend your office to all my friends and family when in need of a dentist!!

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!