Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

In general, dental implants are an eligible item with most insurances. However, your insurance may not cover implants if they are for a cosmetic purpose only.

The amount of reimbursement depends on your plan and the dental practice you choose.

Affordable Dentures and Implants currently partners with most major dental insurance plans. Visit our Insurance page for more information. In addition, Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicaid Advantage plans may also be accepted at your local Affordable Dentures and Implants practice. Specific plans may vary between practices. Contact your local office or your insurance provider directly to ensure that you will be covered for your services. 

If you do not see your insurance plan on the list of insurance providers, you may be eligible to file an out-of-network claim for coverage. Your local Affordable Dentures and Implants practice can provide support as you complete your treatment and file an out-of-network claim with your dental insurance plan. Talk with your local office about your options.

The following information is designed to help you understand the process of using insurance for your dental implant procedure. 

Private Insurance & Dental Implants

Depending on your plan, you may only have coverage for certain types of implants. In some cases, your plan may not cover implants unless you’ve worn dentures for a certain amount of time first.

Will Medicare Pay for Implant Dentures?

Only specific Medicare plans offer dental implants coverage. Keep this in mind when open enrollment comes around!

There is no coverage for dental implants or implant secured dentures on original Medicare Part A and/or Part B plans. Regular, removable dentures ARE typically covered under these plans.

Medicare Advantage (Part C) DOES allow for coverage of dental implants on some plans.

How Much Coverage to Expect

Your insurance may cover your implants in full, or you may end up having to pay coinsurance, which is a percentage share of the cost of a service or product.

Coinsurance is different from a copay. Copays are a flat fee set by your insurance company for specific and covered services, usually preventative or everyday services like cleanings or exams. You could be charged a copay and a coinsurance on any service depending on your plan.

When calculating your out-of-pocket costs for dental implants, you will also need to consider the total cost of other necessary services — such as the consultation, x-ray, extractions, and anesthesia — and whether or not those additional services are covered as part of your plan.

How Coverage Works

If you’d like to use your insurance, we’ll take down that information at the beginning of your consultation.

Once you’ve had the consultation and the list of services is agreed on, the billing process can go one of two ways:

If your local practice partners with your insurance:

  • Depending on the practice, they may require a deposit or payment up front (before services begin)
  • Our staff will submit the insurance paperwork on your behalf
  • Your insurance will pay the practice the amount that is allowed by your plan
  • You’ll receive an itemized bill, if you have charges outstanding, or receipt, if you’ve paid up front

If your local practice does not accept your insurance, or does not submit paperwork on your behalf:

  • You will pay for your services up front OR after the implants procedure(s) is completed
  • We’ll provide you with an itemized treatment plan, also known as a dental walkout statement, which provides you with everything you need to file your insurance claim
  • You simply sign the statement and submit it directly to your insurance company, along with any other required paperwork, per your insurance company’s instructions (be sure to follow the instructions and guidance provided by your insurance company)
  • Your insurance will reimburse you according to your plan and applicable coverage determination

Other Dental Implant Payment Options

Did you know? Many of our patients find that our service prices are so low that they actually save money by not using insurance! The billing staff at your practice are here to help and can help you understand your benefits and payment options, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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