How Much Does a Dental Bone Graft Cost?

Dental bone grafts procedure is performed when a patient has too much bone loss in their jaw to fit a denture or place a dental implant. Because there are many reasons why your dentist may recommend this procedure, there can be a wide range of factors that will affect the final price of this service. You can expect a bone grafting procedure to cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on your unique situation.

Cost factors for bone grafting

Depending on why you are getting a bone graft, there are multiple different services that may need to happen before and after you receive your graft. The services you need will dictate the final cost of your dental bone graft.

You may need an extraction before your bone graft

If your tooth is NOT already missing, your dentist will need to perform an extraction before placing the bone graft. The cost of these extractions will vary depending on if you need anesthesia and how many teeth is being extracted.

There are different types of bone graft materials

If you choose to have a dental bone graft made from your own tissues, you will probably need to have an appointment with an oral surgeon in order to extract the tissues from another part of your body. You will need to consider surgery costs as well as the price of an anesthetist if you choose to go this route.

Your dentist may recommend a bone graft made from animal tissue or a synthetic graft that is man-made.

Finally, you can have a bone graft constructed from a human cadaver. This method is completely safe, sterile, and offers the best chance of success outside of using your own bone and tissues. The bone is sourced from a bone bank that has FDA approval.

Extra general dentistry services may be required

Dentists will need to perform x-rays and may need to perform CT scans or other tests to determine the quality of your bone. They may also need to perform extractions on surrounding teeth if they are in bad health and could contribute to an infection or failure of the bone graft once it is put in.

If there is significant bacteria or plaque buildup in the mouth, you may require a cleaning as well to ensure the best chance of success for your new graft.

Payment Options

The cost of dental work can always seem daunting, especially when trying to figure out what your insurance will cover and what treatment is the best and most affordable for you. At Affordable Dentures & Implants we offer assistance with:

  • Carecredit and other health credit professionals
  • Insurance and navigating your plan
  • Financing and payment plans

We also offer affordable rates for dentures, dental implants, and other dental services in order to ensure that everyone has the chance to attain a smile they love.

You Deserve to Love Your Smile

Dental bone grafts are a simple and effective way to stop or reverse bone loss in the jaw, and they don’t have to be expensive. Most Affordable Dentures & Implants offices offer free x-rays and consultations, and our staff can help you navigate your insurance and financing options while also getting you the best rate. Contact your local office today to inquire about current special offers that may save you money on your next dental service.

We Believe Everyone Deserves to Love Their Smile

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