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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Marjorie Johnson
Very professional. A very good experience. The staff were friendly and made me feel special during the visit. I highly recommend this dentist to anyone that needs dental work done.
Milet O
Thank you staff at AFFORDABLE DENTURES AND IMPLANTS! I hand my wisdom tooth extracted and I was nervous sitting at the dental chair waiting (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)The staff and dentist we're nice and professional (•‿•) The procedure was not that scary as I've been imagining, the dentist was sensitive to my need for more anaesthetic, I did not feel pain(◍•ᴗ•◍). Price was reasonable too. I told my experience to my family and my husband asked my daughter to a make an appointment for him too ... ╮(^▽^)╭. GOD bless your business and everyone, please continue your work of caring ( ◜‿◝ )♡.
Penny Badger
My experience was one that I was very impressed and delighted. Very professional and and clean atmosphere. I have recommended your service to others.
Dawn Baldree
Dr. Hayes , and his staff are amazing. The office is clean and they are very much complying with mask, sanitation and all.There was a bump about cost when I arrived. However, once I showed the emails between their office and myself, they stood by the price that I was emailed. I had my top teeth ( all 11 ) pulled and a temporary top plate put in, all in 1 day. Once I scheduled the appointment, my anxiety was at an all time high!!!! I have NEVER had an extraction done without being put to sleep. Because, I have no health insurance and this is all out of pocket, I could not afford that luxury . However, when I got to Dr. Hayes office, the tech who did my impressions, addressed my concern of anxiety. Dr. Hayes not only prescribed me Valium to take 1 hour before as well as 1 in case I needed it during the extractions ( which I did not take the 2nd one and all medications which meant I came straight home afterwards, no pharmacy stop. When I returned for the extractions, with the Valium in my system , I also purchased headphones to listen to music while the extractions were happening . During the numbing process, Dr. Hayes explained which shots would hurt worse and why. He checked the numbness, and gave me more shots. Once we felt comfortable I was numb enough, he pulled my teeth. It took 30 minutes to pull all ll teeth. Not once did I want to climb out of the chair and smack something. It was uncomfortable for a second, here and there but I have never been done with 1 extraction that quickly much less 11. Once tge bleeding slowed down enough, they fitted my temporary plate and away I went home. I am Day 1 after having the procedure done. The drive home and last night was a bit uncomfortable, not so much pain but the need to spit and feel like I couldn't. I felt like gagging quite a bit every time I did. Not in pain pursue, some discomfort. The temporary plate feels awkward in my mouth, too big, almost. But, I called and spoke with the office staff and they explained more of the process of the healing and the next steps. ( I was told yesterday, but loopy from the 1 valium i took) Looking forward to going back to Dr. Hayes for the adjustments and for my plate once its in. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes and his colleagues. I would also like to Thank the people who left reviews prior to my visit in September 2020 with him. I read as many reviews as I could in a 3 hour radius of me. Dr. Hayes office is well worth the almost 2 hour ride ( one way). I will certainly continue going back and completing all of my dental care needs with his office .
Marie Shoemaker
I broke my bottom plate. Went back to Dr Segars office which is now Affordable Denture. Total cost for just my bottom was about $800.00. Which compared to Aspen Dental cost was alot less then their service. Staff and service great. Even though with all the COVID 19 restrictions that they totally followed. My only disappointment in my visit. When you check in there is a ramp. The staff escorts you to a different door that has a ramp. When they call you for your visit there us a third door. This door doesnot have ramp. Which makes it difficult because I use a Walker because I have right side neuropathy and a dropped right foot. Will I go back of course yes. Will refer family and friends of course yes. I was just talking to my brother about my visit.
Darnell Roach
The young lady who was helping me is very friendly and helpful she was very nice and professional i would recommend 10 her her thanks for all your help i will be back soon ..
Vic Hiers
Excellent work. Friendly service! Thank you for taking care of my mom.
Tush Hedhh
Really Like The Service Dr. Cawley & Staff Provide! Very Professional & Highly Recommended!
Julie is wonderful. Have you ever met someone that is so kind and polite you want to see them do well? Julie is not only this type person but she is very good at what she does. I can’t say enough about her and how well treated that I feel when I go to her. I highly recommend Julie for any dental work you may need.
Caroline Flynn
Dr Caulley was the most wonderful man and so thorough and kind! Very good experience and great staff! Thanks so much for the excellent care and service!

Patient Concerns

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