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Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

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Sabrina Benavides
Before this place I went to two different dentist no one would pull my teeth. This place listened to what I wanted done and are working with me and it is affordable. The staff was friendly and answered all of my questions and made sure I understood everything and that I was happy with the plan on getting my teeth taken care of. This place is worth a visit.
ken roemmich
Very welcoming and knowledgeable
Everyone in this office is so nice and makes me feel more comfortable than many dentists I've been to. They're very patient with me and I hear them with other patients and they seem super nice to everyone. I'm greeted by name when I walk in, complimented on my hair... Just really lovely ladies there. I have had zero negative interactions with the gals there. The dentist who worked on me was also very kind. Whenever I seemed like I was in pain he wouldn't lose patience with me like other dentists have done. Overall my experience here has been extremely positive and I hope it stays that way! I only give it four stars because there's always room for improvement and no one is perfect. The whole deal with this company is that they are affordable... I can't knock that. However, they ARE lacking in options due to this and that will simply not work for some people. I haven't gotten my permanent set yet and I'm extremely nervous but excited... My experience with AD isn't over yet so I can't make a FULL review for at least a year but so far so good. :) Edit #1: went in to get my permanent set fitted and at the wax try in appointment everything went fairly went although I got a sense the doctor was getting impatient as it was the end of the day. I don't like feeling like an inconvenience when I paid $4000 for the whole thing. Anyway, I went back the next week to try in the finished product and.....oh my god....they seriously looked like fake teeth you'd buy at a Halloween store. No joke. The fit was horrendous and the craftsmanship of, at least, the top denture was awful. The bite was wrong. Everything was wrong. Of course they immediately knew this and told me they wouldn't let me leave like that, wasn't sure how they got so distorted, and assured me they would make it right. I have an appointment this Friday (11-13-20) to have another wax try in done. I pray all goes well when I get the next finished product back. For now, I wait.
Sherri Mandicino
I've been dealing with dentist sense the third grade when I busted my teeth out in a bicycle accident. Throughout the years I decided nobody really cares. That is untill I came to affordable dentures. Everyone there is so kind and caring, and my dentist is amazing!! They all feel like family and I am so thankful I found them. Thank you all so much!!!!!!!
Julie Zupp
I found the whole experience pain free & the prices are affordable with many options to choose from. The dentures are comfortable & feel good. I highly recommend!
Kris Konradi
Just wanted to say that the person that waited on me was very good to me. She treated me very well and very kind person. Explained how to clean my denture and told me what not to do. I'd like to thank her and give her the highest recommendation.
Donald Hansen
When I walked it it was a friendly atmosphere. I usually have great anxiety when I walk in for any type of dental procedure. I felt very comfortable. I was educated on the best procedure for myself and that did not include more extractions and the cost is going to be less and more efficient for me over time. Thank you all for making me feel comfortable in what could have been an uncomfortable situation. It meant a lot.
Irene Bothwell
Wonderful staff! Friendly in every way! Top notch doctor! Very highly recommend this particular office. (I don't like having to go to a dentist even if I need one.) I'm comfortable going back.
Ruth Williams
Sioux City is the best my dentures fit perfectly! Tried other places they didn't fit and want you to come back. Recommend Sioux City Affordable denture!!!
Mark Hale
Very good experience I thought the staff was very good very helpful and very welcoming

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Affordable Dentures & Implants Patient Services Center at 1-800-DENTURE (1-800-336-8873), and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!