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Dental Implants in Clinton, MD

Affordable Dentures & Implants® proudly provides dental implants in Clinton, Maryland. Our budget-friendly implant dentistry solutions help residents in Clinton and the surrounding areas replace missing teeth to improve their smile and appearance. Restoring your smile and improving your chewing ability with dental implants may be a solution for your unique circumstance. Dentures supported by dental implants are designed to look and function like the real thing, with the added value that your investment may also benefit your overall health by preventing and reversing the effects of bone loss.

Affordable Dentures & Implants diligently works with each dental implant surgery patient to develop the best tooth replacement option. One way that we can help save you time and money is by creating your dentures in our on-site lab. Some of the benefits of restoring your smile with dental implants include:

  • Eating your favorite foods again without pain
  • Improving your speech without worrying that teeth might inadvertently change position
  • Reclaiming confidence and youthful appearance

Some of our Affordable Implant® solutions include a single tooth implant or a multi-tooth restoration with either a removable snap-in or a fixed, screw-retained prosthesis. We look forward to serving you, your friend, or family member.  For an appointment or to ask questions about dental implants procedures, call and speak with one of our caring staff members today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

How can Dental Implants help Denture wearers? Dentures can become loose and can float on your gums. Denture wearers often experience challenges while eating, talking, and interacting with others, and find that their dentures are less secure and predictable than their natural teeth. For patients who are having these challenges, denture implants will help a patient eat and speak more confidently. This is especially helpful for the lower denture, which tends to be less secure. Since implants replace tooth roots in the jaw bone, the bone stays more healthy and full, and the facial structure stays more intact over time. This stops the process of premature aging that continues even with the use of dentures.

Will Dental Implants look like my natural smile or teeth? Most patients discover that implants are the best available solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Affiliated Affordable Dentures practices offer a variety of options to create a new, natural smile that looks great, restores much of your chewing ability and helps to prevent further bone loss. Ask your dentist which solutions are right for you.

How are they placed? Is it painful? It is normal for patients to feel nervous about an upcoming medical procedure. We use a local anesthetic to make the surgery as comfortable as possible.

Am I a candidate for Dental Implants? What about same-day Implants? This will depend on your overall health, your bone density, and other factors. Many people are good candidates for implants, and your Affordable Dentures dentist will examine you to determine your best tooth replacement solutions.

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These are minimal fees and charges may increase depending on the treatment required. All dentures are individually made for each patient.

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