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Making Implants Affordable

Forty Years of Affordable

Affordable Dentures has offered dentures and related services for forty years at prices people actually can afford. We have helped millions of people get their smiles back. And now, we are making implants available in our own unique way – Affordable!

Many of the reasons that make us price leaders in dentures help make us price leaders in implants.

Our On-Site Labs Eliminate the Middle Man

Implants made in-house

Every Affordable Dentures practice has an on-site lab that is wholly devoted to that single practice. The on-site lab provides custom-crafted full denture and tooth-replacement services in real time. There is no outside commercial lab involved so the turnaround time is short, same-day service is the norm, the costs stay very low, and the responsiveness to customized patient needs is excellent.

We Buy At Large Scale

The Affordable Dentures network has more than 210 practices in 40 states, with affiliated practices treating hundreds of thousands of patients every year. Because of this large scale, we are able to buy materials, supplies, and leading-edge technology at tremendous discounts. We pass these savings on to our patients. 

Focused Services, High Volumes, High Efficiency

By focusing on a narrow range of procedures – dentures, tooth extractions and implants – offered at very affordable prices, we see a high volume of similar cases. This allows us to be highly efficient, which contributes to lower costs, and lower prices for our patients. 

Training & Technology Streamline Our Work

With more than 210 practices in 40 states, the Affordable Dentures network has the resources to support industry-leading training and technology. This keeps our affiliated Practice Owners, Practice Staff, and Lab Technicians at the forefront of industry trends. We understand that great training, great technology, and great tools can provide tremendous benefits to patient care. Our dentists pursue intensive implant training programs that result in fellowships from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP). Similarly, many of our lab staff pursue credentialing to become Certified Dental Technicians. Our practices continue to invest in leading 3D imaging technology. The end result is delivering a high standard of care and efficiencies that keep prices just how you want them -- Affordable.

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Financing Options