New Denture Wearer Package Tips

During healing for our New Denture Wearer Package patients, it is common for the gum tissue to change and shrink. These changes during the months following extractions often result in space between the gum tissue and the denture. Over time, the immediate denture that you received may not fit as well as it did when first inserted.

Your dentist may recommend relines to adjust the fit of the denture while your gums continue to heal. Please follow these tips if you are unable to visit your practice for an adjustment:

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  • Purchase Over-the-Counter soft reline material such as Cushion Grip, DenSureFit, Sea Bond Wafers, or Reline-It, from your local grocery store or on Amazon.
    • These products come with very easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions; please follow the instructions and once you visit your dentist for your appointment, the practice team can easily remove the reline material when needed.
  • Use an Emery Board to file down small areas of your denture that may be causing soreness in your mouth
    • Please try to leave your denture out of your mouth while you are at home and rinse your denture with warm salt water several times a day (in addition to following these Everyday Denture Care tips).
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