Emergency Care

If you have a dental-related emergency, we urge you to call 1-800-DENTURE.  An emergency may include:

  • If active bleeding continues after 3-4 hours of applied pressure to your surgical site
  • If you are unable to maintain a nutritious diet after 48 hours
  • If numbness persists after your initial day of surgery
  • If pain or swelling increases after the third day
  • If bleeding has not decreased after two days
  • If sutures or stitches become loose or dislodged prior to the third day or if an implant becomes loose
  • If an implant fractures
  • If you have any symptoms which may indicate a reaction or allergy to medications, such as:
    • skin rash
    • hives
    • elevated temperature
    • increased and/or erratic heart rate
    • nausea/vomiting
    • dizziness/faint
    • blurred vision
  • If your body temperature, measured orally, exceeds 100.5° F
  • If you have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Man in a dentist chair being attended to by professionals.

If you are experiencing other non-dental health emergencies including COVID-19 symptoms, please contact your medical physician.

Request An Appointment

Please fill out the form below to request an appointment. For immediate assistance, please call us at 1-800-DENTURE.