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Dennis D. Gaskin, DDS, FICOI, FAAIP
Lloyd R. Staggs, DMD

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107 Lazy Corner Road, PO Box 356, Moyock, NC 27958

Office opens at 7:00 a.m., Monday to Friday

It's good to know that all of your Moyock, NC, denture repair needs can be handled quickly and affordably at our Affordable Dentures® office. We're independently owned and operated by Dennis D. Gaskin, DDS, and our caring professionals have provided denture repairs to patients throughout the Moyock, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk areas for more than 37 years.

It's frustrating and uncomfortable to wait on denture repair, but we can often provide you with same-day service through our in-house dental lab. Our experienced dentists will explain your options and help you choose the best solutions including:

  • Relines to restore fit
  • Expert denture repair
  • Adjustments to ease sore spots

When you need quality Moyock, NC, denture repair, you can trust our caring professionals for personal attention, expert assessment, and budget-friendly options. We follow through with any necessary adjustments and make sure that you're completely satisfied with a comfortable fit and natural look that give you a good reason to smile. Our Affordable Dentures office opens at 7:00 am, and we're here for you Monday through Friday, so call our staff for an appointment today.

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495 Full Economy Set
  • 85 Routine Tooth Extraction
  • 145 Complex Tooth Extraction

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