Located in Mesquite, Texas

Partial Dentures in Mesquite, TX

Cameron K. Blair, DDS, MICOI, MAAIP, is a licensed dentist who owns and operates this local Affordable Dentures® dental practice, where you get great service and prices for Mesquite, TX, partial dentures from America's largest denture provider. We have several types of partial dentures available and are committed to finding the right one for you. Our practice also proudly provides all the related denture and tooth extraction services you may need.

Sudden tooth loss can be a devastating experience both physically and emotionally. Our caring staff is here to help you through the partial denture process and is focused on providing you with quality results that fit. Your partial denture will be made on-site in our own dental lab, where we also complete repairs and relines, often in one day. You also benefit from our:

  • Responsive staff
  • Wide range of denture solutions, including denture-stabilization implants
  • Flexible appointment scheduling

Dr. Blair also offers single-tooth implants and same-day crowns for a more permanent solution for missing teeth. When you need Mesquite, TX, partial dentures and other dental services, don't delay getting the care you deserve. Call us today to find out more about our services and make an appointment.