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If you only have some teeth that need extraction in South Burlington, VT, partial dentures are your best bet. Judy J. Johnson, DDS, offers a wide variety denture solutions including separate upper and lower plates, singles, and both fixed and removable partials. At Affordable Dentures®, we want each patient to experience a caring, compassionate atmosphere in the office.

We aim to give each patient a good reason to smile. We recognize the need of patients to have a speedy and high-quality experience, so we:

  • Maintain an on-site lab
  • Offer same-day service
  • Keep costs affordable

We also offer complimentary services to our patients in South Burlington, VT, with partial dentures such as extractions and adjustments. At Affordable Dentures, we also keep abreast of the latest in both denture technology and financing by providing not only denture-stabilization implants but also the New Denture Wearer Package. This discounted payment option allows first-time wearers to receive one set of dentures immediately when the gums are swollen and to receive a second set about six months later when the gums are normal-sized. Call us today for an appointment and enjoy smiling again.

Everyday Low Fees

525 Full Economy Set
  • 115 Routine Tooth Extraction
  • 185 Complex Tooth Extraction

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