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How We Work with Agencies/Third-Party Care Providers

Many of the affiliated dental practices providing AFFORDABLE DENTURES® have established agency or third-party care provider relationships with government and social service organizations, nursing home and retirement home facilities, hospices, hospitals, churches and home health agencies. Organizations like Veterans Affairs often use the denture services offered by the affiliated practices to supplement the services they provide within the VAMC.

Our practices generally require payment at the time of service. However, if you have clients, patients or residents for whom your organization will be making payment, we will be glad to establish an agency relationship whereby the practice will accept organization checks or bill the organization for the services that are provided. We can also provide organizations with an approved W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification IRS form if it assists your organization in the processing of a qualified patient's payment for services.

To set up an agency or third-party care provider agreement, simply call 1-888-253-7717 or email  tpp@affordablecare.com . They can answer any questions you have and will be pleased to coordinate the quick and simple setup process.

You may also download the form to set up this relationship by clicking here.

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